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(please feel free to leave comments with the photos. If you feel any of my photos are unsuitable or inappropriate, or if you simply do not wish to have your photo published, please send an email to 'photos [at] martinmccloud [dot] com' and I will resolve the issue as soon as I can)

Recent Photo News

If you're familiar with my website, you'll know that this page usually has a long list of photo collections from the last two years. So, where has the list gone? Well the photos had to be removed in September when my employers sent out a memo saying:

"Any pictures relating to students, or teachers from your school, need to be removed as soon as possible. Also any reference to students names, teachers names, or the names of your schools."

With so many photos and collections, it was impossible for me sift through and take out the offending photos, so I removed them all from my website.

During October, I spodded away trying to find a solution that would let me publish any photo I like publically, whilst at the same time restricting access to sensitive photos. I'll be rolling out this solution over the coming weeks so keep an eye on the blog for news of the updates.

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070414b - Hanami Party, Takada Park