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15 February 2005

Students' Ambitions

Had interview tests to do at Tsunan today. I had to give it for every student that I have in a typical day, which meant 56 seperate tests, saying the same thing over and over. I think the teachers who set the test know how dull this came be, so they added an open question to which teh student could answer what they liked. The question was "What is your ambition?". Most students went for the default answer of "To be a cook" which was given as an example in teh textbook. Some, however, were more adventurous and came up with their own ambition. One wanted to be a jockey. One wanted to be an Aquarium Designer. Another wanted to be a photographer. One wanted to be a long-distance truck driver and I couldn't get the "Long Distance Clara" song from Pigeon Street out of my head for the rest of the afternoon.

This evening I went round to Keiko's house. She has Sky TV so she can get Premiership and Champions League footy. On Tuesday night there is a Premiership round up program. It's an hour long and is just like Match of the Day without the punditry between matches. Its also bilingual so we can watch the matches with English commentry. It was good to see so footy from back home. It's also given me a bit more drive to finish the Fanto Footy scores program.

I also got an email from Helen saying she wants to talk to me on teh phone. I'll goto bed early now so I can get up and ring before work tomorrow.


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