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16 February 2005

Students' Ambitions II

I rang Helen this morning. Her Mum is coming to visit this weekend so she wouldn't be able to ring me as planned when we split. She also got my Valentine's card that I sent. I'd bought it before we split and wasn't sure if I should send it or not. I decided that I should because the card was bought for her and also to show I wanted to stay in touch. Helen said that she was surprised by the card and that it didn't upset her too much. Maybe I shouldn't have sent it.
I told her about my last two weeks, about my really bad week before and losing my key. I also told her about my snowboarding and how I'm liking that. I asked her what she'd been doing. She told that she has a new job in the ONS. She's now working in the office of the Deputy Prime Minister working on reports that evaluate the effect of government policies. Her climbing is getting better too which is good. It was good to talk to her, but we decided that it might be best for now to talk over email for a bit.

I had more interview tests at Tsunan today. Interesting responses included carpenter, hairstylist, pet stylist, fine art painter and animation voice actress. It's nice to know that at least some of my students have an ambition and some kind of aim. It's also the first main oppertunity I;ve had to find out more about the students. They know all about my family and my interests but I know nothing about them. It's a shame that in a month they'll finish this year and in April I'll have a new set of students. Hopefully I'll still get to see these students around teh school, and maybe teach them again in teh third year.

There was news today of another earthquake in Japan, this time in Tokyo. About 27 people were injured but no-one was killed. It was 5.4 on the Japanese scale, which is roughly the same sized earthquake that Helen experienced when she visited. So enough to scare you but not quite enough to raise buildings to the ground.


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