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12 January 2007

It's Here!!!

At last, my new board has arrived! Isn't it a beauty? None of these ultra-cool graphics that go out of season in three months. Just a board, with a beautiful cut fo wood in it. Classic. With a bit of luck, this will be my board for the next few seasons until either I break it, it breaks me, or I outgrow it.

But I'm getting ahead of myself; I haven't even ridden it yet! I'll take it for a spin tomorrow afternoon around Ishiuchi I think. There is now about a metre of snow
which is a lot more than two weeks ago.

I'll either be loving my new board straightaway or I'll be tinkering with the binding settings after every run. Fingers crossed!


Sarah said...

Martin, are those ladies on your new board?

Naked ladies?

Ladies with boobies?

If so, then either some things never change, or my eyesight is getting worse. Probably both. Also, bosh.


16 January, 2007 19:25  
MartinMc said...

'fraid so. They're more angels than ladies, but in the buff none the less (though they strategically hide their naughty bits behind the centre panel).

Took it out for a spin last weekend and it's great!

17 January, 2007 09:12  

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