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14 March 2007

Quick Catch-up

It’s been a busy couple of months, so busy that I haven’t been updating my blog. So as a quick review, heres what I’ve been up to:

* 19th to 21st Jan - Head to Hakuba for “Erik and Martin’s Big Birthday Bonanza 2007”. Basically, snowboarding in Hakuba and getting drunk at Reggae Snow Splash.
* 27th to 28th Jan - Finish preparation for Seminar Workshop
* 30th Jan - Present workshop at ALT Mid-Year Seminar (download the slides)
* 31st Jan - 10th Feb - Andy and Sarah come to visit. Teach them how to snowboard and show them Tokamachi and Tokyo
* 16th Feb - Join JHS students at New Greenpia Tsunan
* 17th Feb - Tokamachi Snow Festival.
* 18th Feb - PNG Play “Shohei and the Okashi Factory”
* 20th Feb - Pancake Party
* 23rd Feb to 2nd Mar - Week in Thailand to meet Sharon and Rebecca
* 3rd Mar - Graduation and Enkai
* 5th Mar - Invite to teacher’s house
* 7th Mar - Graduation and Enkai
* 10th Mar - Boardercross Training Camp
* 11th Mar - Boardercross Competition
* 12th Mar - Enkai

I’ll go back over some of these and fill you in on the details or post photos.


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