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21 May 2007

Congratulations Keith and Kirsty!

Saturday was also the wedding day for Keith and Kirsty, friends from university. They’re the latest of my mates to get married. Unfortunately I couldn’t make it back to England for their big day (lack of holiday days, gah!), so I decided on the next best thing and give them a call. I wanted it to be a surprise so I arranged for Sarah to be my go-between. I’d call her and if it was a good time, she’d answer and hand me over to Keith. It worked perfect and I got to speak to Keith. He sounded so happy about the wedding and amazed about how quickly the day had gone (well, times flies I guess!). They’re going to be really happy together and I can;t wait to see them when I'm next back in England.

(and thanks Sarah for the photo and for being my phone monitor!)


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