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18 February 2005

Calm before the storm

For the Snow Festival restaurant I've decided that it'll be best to play it by ear. There are so many maybes and those that will arrive will come at different times so the best thing to do is to just see who turns up and go from there.

This afternoon I've been giving my flat teh final tidy round. I've taken a bunch of recycling to Jusco and bought an extra futon for the weekend. I'll need an extra one when Mark and David come to stay so it's best to buy one know so I can use it at the weekend.

I also got a mail from Joe to tell us that Niigata ALT FC could be on TV again on Monday. A program about ALTs in Japan will be shown on NHK on Monday night. There a possibility that they'll cover the tournament in Saitama so maybe we will be featured too. I need to tell people at school and set my video on Monday.

Tonight I'm off up to Niigata for Aussi Luke's leaving drinks. Luke played right-midfield in Saitama and had a storming tournament. His teaching contract is ending so he's off back to Oz. He might come back, but just incase he doesn't we need to fill him with enough drink to last a lifetime. Should be fun!


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