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13 August 2006

Day two at SummerSonic

Back at the internet booth. Just been tp buy t-shirts. All designs had sold out except one, which I bought. Not my first choice of design, but quite interesting.

Yesterday got much better after I realised the differences between SummerSonic and Fuji Rock. If you plan enough time before hand to move between stages, then you can see the bands you want. At thye start I underestimated because teh real distances between you and the stage are much smaller than at fuji rock, but with the crowd control lanes you actually take much longer to get there.

Anyways, we managed to see all of The Cardigans, the end of InK, all of Spank Rock (we missed them at Zen TV II) who were excellent. We caught the end of Deftones before keeping our seats in the stadium ready for Metallica. Now, I've never been into Metallica's music, but last night they mad e anew fan. The energy coming off the stage was massive and blew me back into my seat. They did get a bit self indulgent when, after half an hour, they decided to begin playing teh entire Master of Puppets album. The crowd went wild, I was interested but not interested enough to stay until 9pm, so we left to walk back to the Messe for Daft Punk.

The set had been delayed, but by the time we got to the stage, the stewards saud that the room was full and we couldn;t get in now, but maybe in a little while. As they were setting up barriers to let the crowd in slowly, everyone surged forward and rushed them. We went with the flow and we were in! Daft Punk were ours!!

Daft punk put on a great show. The stage had a massive lighting rig the two guys were performing on top of this massive pyramid. For teh next hour or so they mized up their three albums andit sounded fantastic. Bits from the disappointing "Human After All" album were perfect for adding spice and linking older tracks. It was a great show.

After we got some food, then the train back to the hotel before i collapsed in an exhausted heap on the bed.

On to day two. We need to decide between DJ Shadow followed by Massive Attack, or Muse followed by Linkin Park, but hopefully we can see some great music before then too.


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