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09 August 2006

First proper viewing

I stopped over at the new flat for a first look on my way to pick up more boxes from Jusco.
At first I was a little disapponted to find the dining/kitchen room floor covered in lino. There are also a few other problems. The walls aren't perfect; in one place four chucks have been taken out of the plaster, wall paper is damp-damaged on one wall, plaster in the hallway is practically falling off. One of the tatami mats has a red stain on it. Some of the windows are difficult to open, which could be more of a challenge in winter. So, all in all I was a little underwhelmed.

But then I stopped and starting 'imagining the potential'. The telly could go there; the bed in there; fridge, microwave and crockery cabinet here, here and here; snowboard over there; desk here. And then I realised, I'd been in the apartment for twenty minutes and hadn't heard a single truck! Tatami can be replaced, walls can be fixed but traffic can't be redirected.

I think it might work out.


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