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21 February 2005

Nah, more like 15 seconds.

Don't I feel like and idiot. The NHK program was focused around a Japanese Judo guy and how he learnt English. As an interesting aside, they introduced the concept of ALTs. The three minutes feature started with an aerial shot of Saitama stadium followed by some brief highlights of the ALT Tournament final (sadly, before I took to the pitch). Then cut to an interview with ALTs watching the final. They were asked questions like "What's it like teaching Engligh to Japanese students?" "What do you find difficult?" I thought the answers they gave were cynical and one their own would have given a bad impression of ALTs. Luckily, this was just the intro for the piece and attention switched to a guy who was team-teaching. They showed how he runs his lessons, how they're different to normal English lesson and how he approaches teaching. I think this guy came across really well so hopefully viewers will remember him instead of the jaded spectators.


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