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21 May 2007

Health Check

I went for a health check today. Every teacher has to have a health check every year, but for some reason this was my first since I’ve been here (probably something to do with my old base school). Usually, the health checks take place at each school, but with my visit school schedule, I miss the health check day at my base school. To compensate, I had to go to the main health check centre. By myself!

It turned out to be quite easy. I’d already filled out my health check form with the help of my school’s nurse, so I just handed that over and went through the production line of tests. First up, urine sample. Fill up the numbered cup, leave it in the little service window, onto stage two, listening test. For the listening test, you wear noise-reduction earphones and press a button when you hear sounds. Perfect score, onto round three, height and weight. Turns out I’m shorter than I thought (173.5cm instead of 175cm) and I am heavier than I should be (the onsen scales were right after all). Total Body Mass Index: Overweight, on the way to obese. Must be all the muscle. Still, it worried the doctor so she put a little ‘BMI’ post-it note at the top of my record. Next step, blood pressure: 110 over 55, so no worries there. Eye test. Similar to the driving licence test in that you have circles with a piece cut out of it (like a letter ‘c’) and you have to say where the cut-out piece is (up, down, left, right). Had trouble with the smallest ‘c’ using both eyes, but no trouble when I just used my right eye. Strange. Blood sample next. Needles. Three years since I last gave blood. Three years to forget how to control my needle-phobia. I only just managed to sit through it without telling the doctor to stop. Moving swiftly on to room 7. In room 7 I was told to lie on a bed while the doctor put some kind of sensors on my ankles, wrists and chest. I guess it was testing blood-flow, but I don’t know for sure. Next, consultation. This doctor went through my record to make sure everything was okay. He asked about my asthma, but when I told him I had it since before Japan he could see I can take care of it and it’s not a problem. He did pick up on the BMI but double checked my blood pressure and asked if I exercise (“Hai, Sakka shimasu”) and seemed happy that the extra weight is probably not a problem. So, onto the final check; the X-ray. Shirt off, face the big grey box with my back to the ray-gun. Series of random clicks and hums. Shirt back on. All done. I guess the record, blood test, urine test and x-ray will be examined together and a final report sent to my school. From what I saw, I think the tests showed I’m pretty healthy, if a little overweight, so less beer, more gym and see what happens.


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