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22 February 2005

Last Lessons at Tsunan

Tsunan's exams start tomorrow so today yesterday I had my last lessons with the first years this school year. It's a bit upsetting because since Christmas I've been getting on with the students a lot better than before. Now I'll never teach them again. Hopefully I'll see them around school so that's not too bad. I'll have a new set of students in April and I'll have to start all over again to overcome their shyness. Still, when that happens, I'll have a whole year with them which could be fun.

Yesterday I also had a lesson with Takahashi's second year group. It was my basic introduction lesson and it went really well. Started off with the intro about me to which the students have to listen and answer a multiple choice sheet. Then onto the captions and pictures activity. I'd prepared properly for this and taped the pictures around teh classroom. This worked a treat. The students were up and wandering before I told them that they could do. Maybe initiative is the difference between first years and second years. The last activity was for the students to explain something about Japan to me. Like in the appearence lessons, the students loved having the oppertunity to speak to me one-to-one. I really should try and use this in future lesson plans.

Tonight I'm going climbing, I'm taking my harness again and this time I'll use it! I took it on Monday and one of the other climbers saw it and challenged me to use it tonight. Also, I need to work on the overhang route. After my success last Wednesday, I couldn't do it at all on Monday. Maybe I was still tired after the weekend. Anyways, gambatte, ne?


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