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16 August 2006

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I dont know what the Japanese is for "Phew, what a scorcher", but I'm sure the tabloids here will be printing that on the front pages tomorrow. According to one of the roadside displays, it was 38 degrees at lunch. With no air-conditioning in the Tsunan English room, I'm glad that I've managed to find a fan even if it is wafting hot air.

The weather reports are predicting rain, which is more than likely a result of 10th typhoon of the season heading towards Tokyo. The rain could be a worry if it lasts until the weekend because that is when Sado Island hosts Earth Celebration 2006. I went to the event in 2004 and had a great time seeing the Kodo drummers and soaking up the festival atmosphere. Last year I didn't go through a combination of lack of money, commitments at school and general tardiness. This year, lack of money again but also I want to use the weekend to finally finish unpacking and maybe take in some of more of the Art Triennial.

While I've been in Japan, every summer pieces of art pop up around the Tokamachi area. This year, all of the 360 art works return for a massive six week long exhibition. The opening ceremony was the day before I left for England, so I managed to see some pieces that were on display at Kinare. With so many pieces on display, the organisers have created a passport with space to put each art works stamp inside. So the race is on to collect all 360 stamps by 10th September. I reckon if I can see quite a few this weekend, make an effort to see some after work before it gets dark, it could be possible. I'll also join the JET Art-Triennial Tour (email Errol about it) to make sure I see some of the harder to reach pieces and also get to stay in the fabled House of Light.

I just hope my brain doesn't melt with all this high-brow entertainment and high temperatures.


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