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23 August 2006

New flat update: Connected telephone, rooms nearly sorted

The phone line in my new flat is finally connected. The telephone company, NTT, had transfered my number from my old flat to the new one when I moved in, but the line was dead at my end. Last week was obon, so the earliest an engineer could come to fix it was this week. A guy came yesterday to test the line and he found that the my flat wasn't connected to the main junction box downstairs. A second engineer came today and fixed that problem, so when I came home the telephone was connected. At last, I could call home!

My mum works in a school and has summer holidays off, so I can call in the evenings (japan time) and she'll be at home in the afternoon (england time). I waited until 11pm (japan time) to call but she was out. Curses! I'll try again tomorrow morning before work (evening in England)

The next problem is that my Yahoo BB doesn't work. I had assumed that the account would be carried over with the phone number, but that doesn't seem to be the case. Hopefully we can fix that on Friday.

The rest of the flat is finally coming together. I bought curtains for my three main windows. Having two east-facing windows has meant that in the morning the bedroom gets really bright. So I avoided the temptation of buying the cheapest and invested in curtains heavy enough to block out most of the light. Sleeping in this apartment just gets better and better!


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