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17 August 2006

Slowly coming together

The new apartment is starting to look less like a storage room and more like somewhere to live. Last night I sorted out the smaller tatami room to become my bedroom. Futons and the winter blankets are now all inside the futon cupboard. All my personal stuff, still in boxes, have been stacked in the other cupboard for when I have timem to sort that out.

This morning I got woken by two strangers entering my flat. They had come to install the air conditioning, which for the heat this week, is going to be very handy. I wasn't sure what to do with myself; should I go to school and leave them to it or should I stay in case they need me? I got a shower, got dressed and then started unpacking the rest of the kitchen boxes. By the time I'd sorted out my plates, glasses and cutlery, there was a man on a crane outside my second floor window and a hole in the wall of the apartment. I moved onto the next set of boxes; the last of the bathroom and cleaning stuff. When I'd finished, a shiny new air-con unit was attached to the wall covering the hole. I packed my bag ready for school and then teh air-con was working. A cool breeze swept through my apartment and I couldn't say 'arigatou' enough to the fitters. The last thing they did was ask me to sign an invoice, so they did need me after all. I checked the phone line before I left; still dead.

So I came to school and told the office people that the air-con had been installed but the phone still didn't work. "sugu ni", "soon" he said and then explained that there might be a problem with NTT switching the lines. Maybe it'll be done once obon is finished.


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