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24 February 2005

Slope Domination Plan in Tatters

I had planned to go snowboarding this afternoon, but events have conspired against me. Tokamachi Koko will be having listening exams next week and they need me to make a tape. I had already written the script and had it checked, all I needed to do was record the tape. TBy the time a teacher was free to do this and by the tim ethey were happy with the recording (twice I had to do it), it was 1.30pm. Too late to go boarding. I wasn't happy.

So, instead, this afternoon I've been sorting my flat out and sorting through some more photos ready for another big upload. Hopfully the next update will bring us up the the present day.

Later today I'll be in Niigata again. It's Nick's birthday and we'll be going for a curry. I'll be taking my gear so that I can go boarding straight from Niigata tomorrow. There's a party in Joetsu on Saturday so I'll be trying put the slopes near there.


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