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01 March 2005

First of March already?

I really can't believe how quickly the weeks are flying past here. My apologies to everyone who I've been meaning to email but haven't for a long while. I'm hoping this blog will let you know a little about what I;ve been up to in Japan. Please send u a mail and let me know what you've been doing.

I had an opportunity for a little break at Tsunan today. Exams are finshed. There are no more classes. So I've had time today to sort through the sheets I've made in the last six months and archive them so I can reuse them next year.

The students still had to come to school this morning though. They're not here for lessons, they;re here to clean the school. Yep, the children clean the school. It makes sense really; they're the ones who make the school messy so they should tidy and clean it. And from the looks of it, every student participates without complaint, at least no complaint I can understand. In the afternoon, the teachers wax the floors of their classrooms. I helped to wax the LL room and we managed to finish it in ten minutes. Tomorrow the corridors will be waxed.

I'm still taking Ibuprofen for my back. I'm trying keep the amount I take to a minimum because I read that in some people it can make asthma a lot worse. I've been okay so far but no reason to push my luck.

Should have thought of that on Saturday.


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